A Patriot's Campaign - in progress, due in 2018

"Shots Fired!" The 911 call sends Deputy Andi Pelton to the scene of a murder of a young boy in a garage. The home-owner readily admits killing him, claiming he was "standing my ground" against an intruder. But as Andi begins the investigation, what she discovers casts doubt on the shooter's story. Her investigation, though, is complicated by Sheriff Ben Stewart's massive heart attack just before his re-election campaign--which forces him out of the race against Deputy Brad Ordrew, who has threatened to fire Andi if he wins. Andi has to confront the fact that Ordrew will run unopposed--unless she enters the race against him. Ordrew claims he will run a "patriotic" sheriff's office, but Andi sees his plans as a cover for militarizing the department. Should she run, which could interfere with her murder inquiry, or should she concentrate on the murder investigation and take her chances with Ordrew?  Which is the truly patriotic thing to do? And who's the patriot?

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​A mysterious fire in a remote forest clearing; a woman's charred bones; unexplained tracks in the rutted road - the only clues Deputy Andi Pelton has to what happened - until she meets an old man living alone in a forest compound that obviously houses many people. Sex trafficking in the Montana wilderness? Ed Northrup wants to marry her, but Andi puts him off because she needs his help in investigating the murder. What they discover leads them deep into the horrific reality of prison gangs, cults, and murder. When she finds the mastermind behind the murder, she nearly loses her life arresting him. And then she faces Ed's proposal . . .

The Bishop Burned the Lady - in progress, to follow Nobody's Safe Here ​in 2017